Penny Stanton

About Penny

Penny is an intuitive/self-taught artist who paints in bright, bold colours in a range of styles from impressionist to abstract to fine art. Penny’s artistic life began as a personal therapy and creative process whilst juggling the hectic demands of a 10 year career in advertising and marketing, then expanded when she opened her own art teaching studio on the Central Coast of NSW 10 years ago.

Penny has followed her own path of artistic self-education, attending various artist workshops across Australia and completing a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy. For Penny, self-education is an ongoing process to hone her artistic skills and styles, as well as inspire creative possibilities in others by sharing that knowledge through art tutoring.

For Penny, painting is more than creating beautiful pieces of art, it is a therapy that restores and inspires the human spirit to be in the moment of today, truly present and noticing of their world of colour.

To participate in one of Penny’s classes, workshops or lessons requires no experience or perceived ‘talent’. The art of painting or pushing blobs of colour around a canvas first starts with learning. If you desire to paint, then you are already talented, it’s just that your skills and technique need to catch up with the journey your creative spirit wants you to take!

The ethos of Penny’s art studio and teaching style is “to make art and the process of painting accessible to all”. To further this ethos, future online art project lessons are also in development.

Inspired Artspace – inspiring a creative journey of self-discovery through paint!